With our purpose-built 10,000 sq ft workshop and vast array of state-of-the-art CNC machines from brands such as Mazak, we pride ourselves on our scaleable capacity and efficient output. Thanks to our flexible operations procedures we are able to meet projects of all sizes enabling us to meet a range of industry and project types. Please see our facilities page for a full plant list.

Thanks to our diverse equipment, knowledge & experience, we're able to offer a range a vast range of materials for your project to meet its specific requirements, including: Stainless Steels (all grades), Specialist Alloys, Titanium, Brasses & Aluminium Alloys, Plastics (Delrin, Nylon & Peek) castings & extrusions.

Thanks to our scaleable work practices we are able to work on projects of all sizes. Naturally, a project's effciency can be influenced by size and we are more than happy to discuss these parameters with you. As always, we firmly believe a project is only ever as successful as it is beneficial to the client, and we are able to discuss your requirements with you to determine the best outcome.

Over the years we have had the priveledge of working with a vast array of industries including defence, aerospace, plant & machinery, health, manufacturing, education, science & research and automative. During this time we've learned various key aspects of each sector which helps us understand your projects' requirements and various pitfalls, and can be extended to any industry you can think of. To discuss your requirements, no matter the sector you are positioned in, please get in touch.

At Cwm Engineering customer service and support is at the heart of everything we do. From initial conversations and project planning through to thorough project testing, accuracy reporting and customer feedback we are dedicated to delivering the right end product in the right way. This is also reflected in the new acquisition of our Hänel Lean Lift storage system which enables us to store spare parts for easy access when required from our customers; just another way we are able to support our customers and keep them doing what they do best.

Yes, based on your project we have a range of examples we are able to provide to showcase our capabilities, accuracy and quality.

Certainly! We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art workshop & offices; once someone walks in they are instantly able to see what we're about and understand our capabilities. To arrange an in-person tour, or a remote tour via our digital meeting facilities, please get in touch.

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Had it not been for your over and above commitment, suggestions, and knowledge I know we would have completed over schedule.